An unusual approach to soccer betting

Have you ever heard of the approach of 27 express trains on the exact account? One of the options for a bet, which is exactly in any schedule for a football match, is the option of “exact score” (or simply the abbreviation “TC”). It means the digital expression of balls that will be scored by both teams (clubs, national teams) before the match is over.

By the way, always pay attention to how, according to the rules of your chosen office, goals are treated in extra time – they are considered normal, or only what is scored in 90 regular minutes (plus the time added to the half) is taken into account. By the way, after specific markets, up to 3-3 and longer, it is possible to have “another account”.

The option is attractive with a high award

It is not so easy to guess the exact soccer score of the match. So even for the most popular variants of the result (and such is considered first of all 1-0 in favor of the hosts), there are high quotes. And there are enough soccer strategies dedicated to how to get these big prizes on betting. One of them is “27 express trains”.

This betting approach has a clear algorithm

First of all, the player starts with a detailed analysis. He needs to choose only 3 soccer matches, but only those that are optimal. Experienced players recommend to single out, at least initially, pairs with a clear favorite and an outsider. To simplify the task at first, you need to focus on those matches where the victory of one of the opponents is estimated at about 1.5 (preferably not higher). After that, for each soccer match, the bettor selects the 3 exact scores that are most likely. This is usually 1-0, 2-1 and 2-0 in favor of the favorite, sometimes more careful to change the last score to 0-0 or 1-1.

All results must be divided into express trains

A simple calculation suggests that the soccer match result should be 27 unique combinations. The main thing is that each tee is never repeated. The same amounts are allocated for all multi-bets. The idea is that even for such schedules, odds of five and above, up to about 7.0, are proposed. That is, the total level of the coefficient starts from 125 to 1, and can reach 350 to 1, and from. As a result, even a single “hit” guarantees a profit, and not bad. For example, putting on each soccer express for 10 dollars (only 270), guessing the result in the 1st case, gets at least 1250 – even taking into account the costs, the net profit reaches almost $ 1,000.

How about trying in practice?

Now that we know about the existence of this type of soccer betting, we are sure that you have a desire to try it as soon as possible. We can guarantee that soccer will be interesting and you will definitely benefit not only morally, but also materially.