The decision was made a few weeks after the Norwegian’s coaching staff received new contracts.

Mike Phelan, Michael Carrick, Kieran McKenna and Richard Hartis have re-signed the agreements on new terms – now United are facing multimillion-dollar compensation payments if the coaches leave after Solskjaer.
On November 21, Manchester United fired Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as head coach. Three years of work for the Norwegian at Old Trafford did not bring any trophies: Solskjaer’s best result at Manchester United remains second place in the 2020/21 Premier League and the 2021 Europa League final.
In July 2021, Solskjaer extended the agreement with United until 2024, with the possibility of an extension for another year. Now the club will have to pay the Norwegian about 9 million euros in compensation for early termination of the contract.
As noted by The Times, there is a clause in the Solskjaer agreement that only the amount for one season is reimbursable – despite the fact that the agreement is designed for 3 years.
But after the resignation of the Norwegian from the post of head coach, not only Solskjaer will have to pay compensation. According to the Daily Mail journalist Mike Keegan, members of Ole’s coaching staff also received new three-year contracts. Moreover, this happened a few weeks before the dismissal of the coach.
Despite the recent results, the farewell between Solskjaer and Manchester United was incredibly warm. See for yourself – the Norwegian gave vent to his feelings and began to cry.