Both will score – an attractive option for betting on soccer

In the bookmakers’ proposals you can find quite original options. “Both will score” can also be denoted by the laconic abbreviation “OZ”. Its meaning is clear: the player makes a bet, or the ball would be in the gates of both teams.

It is possible to put both on “yes”, and on “no”

And these options are indicated in the lines – “OZ – yes”, “OZ – no”. If you choose the first option, then in order for the bet to “come in”, it is necessary that during the selected soccer match both opponents gain at least 1 time each. This is the difference between total and individual total. At a minimum, the soccer player can be satisfied with a 1-1 draw. And there you can expect 2-1, 1-3, and so on. In contrast, if you bet on “no”, then the bet is considered “played”, if at least 1 of the opponents during the soccer game and never won. The list of options is very wide, from a zero draw (which is often a separate proposal in the form of “no one would kill”, and with a good odds), and a minimum victory (1-0 for any benefit), as well as any defeat. The main thing is that it was “dry”.

Where to look for these options?

First of all, we note that such an option is actually specific only to soccer, a popular sport. It is impossible to imagine a tennis, basketball or even volleyball match won “dry”. Yes, this also happens in hockey, but the best goalkeepers for a full season in the NHL and KHL, and it’s dozens of meetings, up to 10 “shutouts”, i.e. meetings without missed. But in the “game of millions” this happens relatively often. And a proposal from “both will score” can be found for any soccer match. As a rule, you need to go to the “Goals” section.

When and what to bet on?

Knowledge of the style of opponents will help. If a soccer team that plays on the old principle “score as much as you can – we would score as much as we want” comes on the field, it is worth focusing on the “yes” option in this line. If you play “closed” teams, who play pragmatically with a view to their goal – most often it turns out “no”. Also, the goalkeeper of the clear favorite after the soccer match with the deaf outsider also mostly leaves the field with a “wedge-shit”.

Take into account the strategy of two players scoring

We have no doubt that you are interested in this soccer approach. Moreover, we want to say that such a bet has a very high chance of winning in a large number of circumstances. That is why it is suitable for beginners.