Bad tips for betting on soccer

Humorous “harmful tips” for children were once popular. Like, they tend to do the opposite out of a sense of contradiction, so it’s best to teach the bad tips, and the kids themselves will turn everything 180 degrees. Many soccer experts have grown up on these “harmful tips”, and while preparing manuals for novice players, have created a kind of “anti-recommendations”. So what should a soccer player do to please a bookmaker by “draining” his entire pot?

Game with resizing

More often you need to change the size of the soccer rates, and arbitrarily. Raise rates only when the light strip has gone, and then gradually – the fate of the cowards. And only the weak start to reduce the amount of the bet after a few failures (or even pause). Those who have a pre-prepared plan do the worst. The soccer game should be chaotic, and the amount of bets should be based on a one-time rush.
You don’t always have to borrow money for soccer
If there is not enough money, it is not a sin to borrow it – there will always be good people. Why play only with the means that are “free”? After all, the more you bet, the higher the winnings! So it is the best to surprise your family, secretly taking from the general family budget: breaking the jackpot, you can gild everyone around! And if they are not, then no problem: around full of credit firms that are willing to borrow money, without collateral and other formalities. Sometimes it is enough to sign, without much reading, a couple of pieces of paper. Yes, the eye can catch a large percentage, well, nothing – while they run, the stakes can be raised much more.

Intuition is not always your friend

The best basis for soccer betting is personal intuition. The others spend a lot of time understanding how the opponents played before the selected match, what happened to the injured, and trying to calculate who needs what in the match. Why all this, if the “chuyka” suggests that today “Brighton” will definitely win at “Manchester City”. And even best not to be limited to the ordinary rate, and build an express. And take not 3-4 events, but 10-12 – so as to win properly. And you can put it there for inspiration, for example, that only guests will win.

Choose the right moment

It is best tip to put bids on soccer with a glass in hand. It’s still a celebration, so why waste time? By the way, it is still good to quickly build a bet on the background of fatigue, at bedtime, or to lift not the best mood.

Be vigilant with this kind of advice

We want to draw your attention to the above information and never succumb to panic, hot head and desire. It is worth remembering that betting on soccer is a very risky business, but at the same time profitable if you choose the best tips.