Guide to rates – how to place an express soccer bet?

In the case of “ordinary” players, the player “argues” with the bookmaker about 1 specific event. With “express” there are several such soccer events, and the victory will be only when everything ends as predicted by the author of the bet. But the gain is more, because the final coefficient appears due to the multiplication of all individual quotes. They do not need, of course, to follow blindly. But it is exciting to get acquainted with them and “skip” through your “internal” analysis.

You can risk no more than 1/10 of your money

“Bank” is one of the key concepts in the field of soccer betting. And even good analysts go bankrupt if they do not know how to properly allocate risks. Especially with express tracks, which by default require the coincidence of more successful results. And therefore more risky. So it is better not to use more than 10% of the available funds.

Don’t be tempted by low odds

There is such a thing as “garbage” rates – below 1.25-1.3. That is, those that relate to the most likely consequences, such as the victory of “Manchester City” over “Sheffield United”. These bring income only when placing large sums in the “ordinary”. They often replenish the “express” line. And anyone can name a case when the greatest “faithful” did not come. Experts believe that, in addition, excessively low odds reduce, and significantly, the likelihood of a profitable soccer game.

It is better not to make the express too big

It is not always interesting to put on 2-3 soccer events. Experienced players say that they often use multi-betting for 5 or even 4 results. This is a good combination when the final soccer ratio is already attractive and the risk is still regulated. But with each subsequent element, it will grow. So, in the news every month there are examples when there was a pair with dozens of components. But for 1 such success – hundreds of failures. And a lot of them, when everything was spoiled by 1 bad soccer forecast.
If you do several “express”, change at least partially the list of events
No one forbids using 1 bet option in different “chains”. And there is a temptation to add to several of their own the same solution, in which the player does not doubt. But there is always a factor of error, a factor of uncertainty. So experienced soccer players do not like to repeat very much.

Don’t be afraid to try and get started

You will never know what can happen if you don’t try. Maybe betting on soccer events is your niche and you will feel like a fish in water. That’s what it’s worth to start betting right now.